Download the all NEW LifeAustin app



Doing life together goes beyond Sundays. Your Christ-centered journey spans the entire week. Knowing what happens Monday thru Saturday is important, especially when you are juggling many activities, trying to keep up with the kids and getting all of your planning planned. That’s why we created the all new LifeAustin app.

An easier, more useful app is one of our goals. Our primary goal, though, is for you to have the confidence of knowing you have the who, what, when, where, why of LifeAustin in your pocket.
If you used the previous app, you remember that it was focused on the media aspects - the audio and video of our weekly messages. The new app will be a platform for each of our ministries to provide resources to equip your Christ-centered journey.
The LifeAustin App enables us as a church to teach and reach - for the corporate church to communicate and enable, and for our members and those getting to know LifeAustin to engage and partner.
The new LifeAustin App is loaded with features. You can...
  • Discover current happenings
  • Watch messages
  • Take next steps in your Christ-centered journey
  • Connect with ministries and stay connected with LifeAustin
  • See what’s going on 
  • Discover how to best get involved at all campuses

This will be the easiest way to communicate with LifeAustin, and the best way to receive personalized notifications specific to you.
  • Receive notifications for only the things that you desire to be informed about
  • Catch a glimpse of current events and key announcements
  • Watch sermons, live gatherings and other video content
  • See what’s happening in each ministry area
  • Take Next Steps and grow in your Christ-centered journey
  • Communicate with staff